Boudoir photography is becoming an increasingly popular gift for not only loved ones but for women themselves. A boudoir session can be a powerful confidence booster and empowering life moment for a woman. During my time as a boudoir photographer I have had the honor of photographing a number of beautiful women for various reason’s and special occasion’s in their lives, the most popular bring birthday’s, anniversary’s, weddings and Christmas gifts. Occasionally I’ll have a fabulous lady who does it just because she can, or to celebrate something special in her life. I’ve had a full range of question’s that seem to be a common concern for ladies of all ages/shapes/size’s. I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 boudoir question’s and my answer’s to them.

Q 1: I”m not {insert adjective here.. pretty/skinny/young-enough} to do this!

My answer: There is no size, age or appearance requirement’s to do a boudoir session! My job, what I love about that job, is showing EVERY woman who comes through my door how beautiful they are! I’ve had clients ranging from 19-70, super skinny to super curvy and everything in between.

Q 2: Oh all those women are models. I could never do that!

My answer: Every woman I work with is a non-model. You do not have to be a professional model to book a shoot. You sure will feel like one after though!

Q 3: I don’t know how to make a sexy face.

My answer: No one does. Literally no one. Except trained models and actresses. During your time in the studio I”ll help pose you from head to toe and coach you on facial expression’s.

Q 4: Boudoir is trashy!

My answer: Boudoir photography can range in style, taste, and level of nudity from photographer to photographer. A true boudoir photographer does not create porn, but beautiful, artistic photograph’s. You should always be comfortable with your photographer and your photographer should never ask you to do anything your not comfortable with.

Q 5: I’ve had {Insert number of children}, I’m not sexy.

My answer: Not true. Every single woman is beautiful. The power to create life is amazing and something as women we undervalue. Bringing life into this world is a beautiful thing. As your boudoir photographer I will help you select wardrobe and pose you in ways flattering to your body type.

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